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Getting the fun out of the beach or pool while floating, you will need a Floating lounger. On this page, we will be discussing different types of Floating Picnic Table Buoyant, Bench Seat, and floating lounger.

Stay with me and till the end and i will show you the most rated of them all and why.

Swimline Sunchaser Padded Floating Lounger

swimline sunchaser padded floating lounger.jpg

First on the list is the Swimline sunchaser padded floating lounger. It measures 53 inches long and 32 inches in width designed with full-length woven pad and extra-thick integrated pillow.

It is well padded with extra thick handrest that also has a cup holder for your drink. It is well balanced and durable.

Another cool fact about this floatable lounger is that it is UV and chemical resistant, this means you can also use it in pools. And it is easy to clean.

Swimline Fireboat Squirter Inflatable Pool Toy

swimline fireboat squirter inflatable pool toy

This is outstanding for kids (Above the age of 3). This is not just a comfortable inflatable fireboat but can be considered a poor toy. It is super comfortable and can float up to 3 kids with a capacity of 200 Lb.

It is measured 74.5 inches length and 36 inches width. It

weighs 6.5 pound with a self filled water gun it

this is an awesome gift for children and will make them never forget the memory of each pool visit. This is a great way to make your outdoor activity fun for your kids.

Jeeke Inflatable Serving Bar Table tenn

Jeeke Inflatable Serving Bar Table tenn

Have you thought of having a pool party? Well, then this is your awesome serving table with 28 cups stands, an ice/ drink holder and an extra tray for food or what have you.

The good thing about this table is that it can also be used for a game and keep the fun on. The price is pocket friendly considering the quality and building materials.

It is easy to use, portable to carry around, and environmentally friendly. Beautiful and convenient, the inflatable product is small in size and light in weight after being deflated and can be folded and placed when not in use, so as to be used for the next time.

Swimline Deluxe Lounge Chair

Swimline Deluxe Lounge Chair

This $20 floating lounge chair is just a perfect way to relax in the pool. It has perfect back support, an inflatable pillow, armrests, cup holders, and leg rests all in one lounge giving you the perfect relaxation feeling you need.

If you want your legs in the water, there is a hole just under the knee where you can easily dip your toes into the water to get that cool feeling of the pool or sit up.

The material is safe for UV and environmental friendly. It is easy to maintain, clean and reuse.

This is worth way more than the price and has over 350 verified buys and reviews on Amazon as at the time of this writing.

Poolmaster 85687 Adjustable Chaise Swimming Pool Float Lounge

Poolmaster 85687 Adjustable Chaise Swimming Pool Floating Lounge

The Poolmaster Adjustable Chaise Floating Pool Lounge reclines to your comfort for a relaxing time in your pool. With a sturdy design, you can spend your day soaking up the sun as you relax on the water.

Kick back and relax with the all-day comfort of this adjustable chaise floating pool lounger. Designed for adults, this blue water lounger is perfect for sitting up to read a novel or fully reclining for a quick nap. Made of 12.8-Gauge vinyl, it measures 80 in. x 37.5 in. deflated. This pool lounger includes built-in armrests and beverage pockets.

Poolmaster 85687 Adjustable Chaise Swimming Pool Float Lounge

Features & Benefits

Bright, translucent top with reflective silver bottom.

Dual beverage holders.

Sturdy I-beam construction.

Full width, contoured pillow.

12.8-gauge vinyl.

Deflated size: 80″ x 37.5″.

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

No maximum weight limit: The heavier the rider, the lower they will sit in the water.


Intex Sit N Float Inflatable Lounge, 60″ X 39″,

Intex Sit N Float Inflatable Lounge

Enjoy the water this summer on the INTEX Sit ‘n Float Inflatable Tube. This unique lounger acts more like a chair than a raft. Featuring two handles, two cup holder and a full back rest, the INTEX Sit ‘n Float is perfect for a social day on the water!


  • Dimensions: 60″ x 39″
  • Unique design for extra fun
  • 2 handles for stability
  • Includes repair patch

Suitable for ages 8 & up

Warning: Adult supervision is recommended while swimming

Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge, 71in X 53in from Intex

This is basically the best selling Inflatable lounge i=on amazon with over 4200 ratings and still remain above 4 stars review.

It is a chair like design with optimal comfort and relaxed feel. With two heavy-duty handle and cup holders in both handles.

It also comes with 2 durable grab handles for holding up and safety purpose.

It has been reviewed to be the most purchased because of the durable and easy to maintain materials alongside the comfort and powerful armrest.

I believe this is enough information to guide you on which one to buy for yourself and your kids either as a gift or usual swimming gears. You can take your time to check out our other posts on inflatable chairs to use on the beach and other beach gadgets that make your beach camping a lot more fun.

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