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You might go to the beach in order to enjoy the sea breeze, and bask under the sun. Along the line, things might get boring because you have spent hours doing the same thing on the beach. This could be with our loved ones, friends, family, etc. You become locked in the middle of a boring situation that deserves some form of activity to break the boredom or ignite excitement with you and other people around.

One of the ways to spark up the fun is by introducing a beach ball into the boring scenario. This could be the game-changer in changing your boring mood to a full-fledged level of excitement. This beach ball could be played between any numbers of people. For some beach lovers, they buy beach balls without considering some basic things they should know about buying beach balls. Maybe, they are ignorant about it or they know it, but they are being nonchalant about it.

There are beach balls not capable of withstanding intense sun. You can agree with me, the sun experienced at the beach is always hot. While some beach balls might not be comfortable with water. Therefore, you need to get the right beach ball with high durability, and won’t deflate easily no matter the number of people playing it.

The truth is no one will be happy while playing the beach ball on the beach, then, accidentally it gets deflated at the peak of excitement. This is something that could spoil the mood for everyone playing the beach ball. For instance, imagine a scenario where the beach ball is being played by you, and the bad thing is they are leading your side. All of a sudden, the beach ball gets deflated leaving you in a sad mood. Well, there are factors to be considered in buying a beach ball.

Factors to be considered in buying a beach ball

The following is a list of factors to be considered when buying a beach ball:

  • Weight
  • Firmness
  • Portability
  • Material
  • Sturdy
  • Water-resistant
  • Price

All these are to be put into consideration if you want to buy a beach ball to stand the test of time while playing it.

7 Best Beach Balls

The following are the best beach ball:

1. Intex Jumbo Inflatable 42″ Giant Beach Ball:

This beach ball has an awesome design to attract the eyes of any buyers who wants to buy it. It is durable based on the kind of material that has been used in designing this beach ball. There are different things that make the looks outstanding such as colourful dots, transparent base, etc. The spherical diameter of the ball is 42″ with a weight of 15 ounces.

The diameter and weight provided two things for the ball which is making it large and light at the same time. This beach ball is being produced by a well-known manufacturer of beach ball called Intex. It is made up of PVC for the beach balls to withstand any weather conditions such as sun or rain.

Exceptional Qualities: extra large size, transparent Polk dots, presence of patch for repairs, inflated mouth pump, and high-quality vinyl material.

2. Kangaroo Rainball 12-Pack Beach Ball:

This kangaroo Rainball comes with a unique design that makes it stand out in terms of size and quality. Its color is one of the factors to distinguish it from other beach balls. Apart from playing it on the beach, it can be used in playing a game known as water polo. The color itself is amazing with an eye-catching color of six different rainbow colors.

They are made up of strong plastic material providing durability for this beach ball to stand harsh weather and other unpredictable environmental factors. This material allows the beach ball to survive for a long time before it gets deflated. It is ideal for both kids and adults. Apart from this, the beach ball package comes with 12 balls together giving you options for other balls.

Exceptional Qualities: beautiful rainbow design, small and lightweight, 12 balls in the package, made from plastic material, and no mouth pump for inflation.

3. Intex Inflatable Beach Ball:

This traditional beach ball is the right choice for you to buy, especially when you are in search of a ball with top quality on a recommended budget you have planned. These balls are heavy in weight and they are composed of material (strong plastic) that makes it durable. This material allows for long hours of fun on the beach.

It will surprise you to know this ball is lighter than the average beach ball available in the market or e-commerce sites. Numerous kids find the beach ball interesting to them. Maybe, based on the color used in producing or manufacturing the ball, this can fit into a water game or sport.

Exceptional Qualities: traditional color pattern, for all ages, for indoor and outdoor activities, and excellent budget pick.

4. Jumbo Pink Kangaroo Beach Ball:

beach ball

It has a unique flamingo print – a different kind of description for anyone who wants to buy it. The Jumbo pink kangaroo stands out in terms of everything on its own. The diameter of the beach ball is 27″. This implies the size of the diameter makes it larger compared to an average beach ball.

The manufacturer Kangaroo has been used to manufacture the ball with its peculiarities. This manufacturer of this ball is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to beach balls. The ball has a thickness of 1mm pack with PVC vinyl. Therefore, you can have rest of mind when playing this ball on the beach with your family or friends.

Exceptional Qualities: flamingo design, heavy-duty vinyl construction, thick material, and large size than an average beach ball.

5. SYZ 12-pack Inflatable Beach Ball:

This comes in a package of 12 balls for the buyers to have multiple choices when playing this ball on the beach or any water game. There’s no reason to be scared about any ball getting deflated at all. These 12 balls offer a high level of fun to the game itself. Whereby, people tend to play different beach balls on the beach.

SYZ beach ball comes with a reinforced seam to provide the ball with durability protection or coating. Another thing that has been added to produce the ball is thick plastic. Now, you can imagine the life span of this ball before it deflates. This ball has a rainbow pattern design used in building it.

Exceptional Qualities: reinforced seams, thick protective vinyl, 12 balls package, and recommended for children.

6. Emoji Universe 12-pack beach ball:

If you are in search of something that’s thrilling and exciting in terms of design the Emoji Universe 12-pack beach ball is a classic one for you. It comes together with 12-pack beach balls. These balls have 6 different emoji designs on its face. This implies two emoji designs side two beach balls, while another 2 different emoji designs on another 2 balls, and so on.

It is made up of plastic materials of high quality. In terms, of size, it is smaller compared to other beach balls. It has a valve to pump the air inside the ball if it is becomes deflated. This shows the balls can last for a long time before getting another set.

Exceptional Qualities: no pump is required for inflation, six different emoji designs, and set of-12 balls.

7. Gofloats 6″ Giant Inflatable Beach Ball:

This is a giant beach ball for beach lovers. The ball can soar on its own without any external forces acting on it to move freely in the air, and this makes the fun interesting. The beach ball has a lovely design on its own built with a firm material to make it durable.

Exceptional Qualities: classic design, giant size fun, and rapid valve inflation.


Beach balls come in different sizes and colors to increase the excitement on the beach. The major thing is to get a durable beach ball that won’t disappoint you when you playing it. If it comes with a mouth inflation pump, then you can keep it with you should the ball deflates.

Lets know you view on this and other beach accessories in the comment box below.

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