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Getting that cool coastal color and the relaxed feel of the natural elements both on land and sea is something I don’t ever want to miss.

Last year I decorated my home to have the feel and look of beach days of summer. It was not really difficult considering the fact that I love doing this almost every year. I have decided to share a few outstanding beach home décor I used.

Stonebriar Coastal Wooden Tea Light Candle Lantern

beach home décor

The first I will mention is the Stonebriar Coastal Wooden Tea candle lantern. This lantern measures 4.3 inches and over 10 incehs high. It easily fits a tea light or standard votive candle to create a warm inviting glow anywhere in your home. It also has a styrdy metal ring at the top which makes it perfect for hanging outside.

Features :

  • Category: Lanterns, Tealight Holders
  • Collection: Beach House
  • Weathered wood
  • White metal
  • Front door opening
  • Blue wood finish
  • Holds a tealight
  • LED fill or other small fillable items

Stone & Beam Cozy Cable Knit Chunky Weave Throw Blanket


This weave blanket is my favorite sweater and can also be used to spice up the whole beach feeling. It is even more luxurious as a throw blanket.

Cable-style knitting is cozy for snuggling on a cool evening, while oversized tassels at the corners make it especially stylish for draping on a chair. It is 60 inches long and 50 inches in width. Gentle to wash and suitable for line dry.

GBtroo Rustic Wall Sconces

beach home décor

Wall Hanging Decor These mason jar sconces make the perfect touch of shabby chic to your home décor. Whether you want to put them in your hallway, kitchen, near the TV, pictures or painting, they will complement your place with a soothing light that display peace and harmony in your house.

The hanging mason jar sconces are beautifully designed to match any home and give you that cool look and feel of nature.

The mason jars are clear 16oz which hang up on wrought iron hooks on the natural reclaimed wood, and each wood has a sturdy rope to secure the jar in place. They are fully assembled and ready to hang on the wall once you receive them.

Hunter Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light and remote control

This is one awesome ceiling fan I have added to the list of my decorating accessories. This is obviously not compulsory since it might seem quite extreme. But you should know that it has some features that made me suggest adding it to your decorations.

Here are some of the top features:

  • Reversible motor allows you to change the direction of your fan from downdraft mode during the summer which helps cool the room to updraft mode during the winter to help circulate trapped warm air near the ceiling
  • LED light kit for lower energy consumption, brighter light output, and a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs
  • Damp-rated for use as an indoor or outdoor ceiling fan in spaces exposed to moisture and humidity such as porches, patios, sunrooms, and bathrooms

Coming into the category of painting and artwork, I will share 2 for the sake of simplicity.

Grasslands Road Wall Starfish GR Beach is My Happy Place Plaque, Medium, White, Blue

This one is such a beautiful blue and white MDF carved to look like real wood. It is very durable attractive and suits both home (indoor) and outdoor decoration. It weighs just 1 pound and has a slot style hanging bracket.

It is cost way less than $30 on Amazon with over one thousand review and still rates over 4 stars. This shows how much satisfaction customers like me are getting.

Cavallini Decorative Wrap Poster

This is an Italian decorative wall poster for your home, it is printed on Italian archival paper, an illustration of different species of fern plants. The poster measures 20 x 28 and it is easy to frame. Get yours on Amazon here

On the floor decoration section, I use an awesome runner from Safaclah. Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection NF447A Hand-woven Chunky Textured Jute Runner,

This is a hand woven natural fibre runner that gives you that feeling on your feet. It is suitable for multi-purpose function, I basically use it as base for my funiture. It is half inche thick and seems really durable.

Safaclah has several other awesome designs and textures for your beach floor décor ut I just lioke this one. You can check others out on Amazon. Feel free.

I hope with this few items I have given you a suitable base to start and awesome recommendations on how to get that awesome beach, Coastal feeling right into your home.

I hope you find this really helpful and share it. Meanwhile, you might want to check out our awesome reviews on an attractive life jacket for children.

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