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The summer period is a time when the sun is extremely intense. During this time lots of people do come out to spend time chilling by the seashore or on the beach. If you are living in a place close to the beach, you are going to see how people come out in large numbers to spend time together. The weather will not be friendly to stay long hours on the beach as a result of the sun. This is the reason there is a beach umbrella to protect us from the ultraviolet rays in penetrating our skin.

It is an accepted fact that too much of the sun is not good for human skin. This beach umbrella is one of the things people carry along to make their stay on the beach worth it. While chilling on the beach, you can stay under your beach umbrella listening to your favorite music tune. Beach umbrella offers the shade you want to enjoy your vacation, picnic, weekend getaway, holidays, and many others. In a tropical city like Bahamas or metropolitan city Miami (Florida), they do go out with beach umbrella.

Importance of Beach Umbrella

The following are the importance of having a beach umbrella:

  1. Prevention of sunstroke
  2. Reducing skin burn
  3. Lesson dehydration effect

All these are likely to happen while chilling or unwinding on the beach. There are buyers who are not conversant about buying beach balls, but there are criteria to help them.

How to Select the Right Beach Umbrella

The worst thing to happen to a buyer is after they have bought this umbrella, within some days it got spoilt. Nobody wants to be under this kind of problem, because it will be heartbreaking and disheartening. This can be avoided by knowing how to buy the right umbrella:

  • UPF ratings
  • Sand screws
  • Carrying case
  • Bags filled with sand
  1. UPF Ratings: This is one of the things to check either the beach umbrella will shield you from sun rays or not. Most umbrellas have their UPF ratings; therefore, you need to check it in order to be sure and not to base your hope on assumption.
  2. Sand Screws: A good beach umbrella should have this in order to peg the umbrella to the ground. There are times we might be on the beach under our beach umbrella. Unfortunately, there might be a terrible wind capable of knocking this umbrella off the ground, but it won’t fall due to the balance the umbrella possesses.
  3. Carrying Case: The beach umbrella should have casing in order to make it easier to carry the umbrella from one place to another. If the umbrella doesn’t come with a casing, it might be blown open by sudden wind or sea breeze.
  4. Bags Filled with Sand: At the base or bottom of some beach umbrellas, there is an empty bag for filling sand inside it to make it firm on the ground and also give it balance against the wind.

7 Best Beach Umbrellas

The following are the best beach umbrella, and here they are:

Beachbub Beach Umbrella:

This is the best umbrella to suit all kinds of weather you might find yourself on the beach. There is no alarm to be under any form of panicking with the Beachbub umbrella. It has been built to stand high wind of 35mph. This is made possible due to the durability of the umbrella. Many buyers who love going to the beach are buying this umbrella, and this is what this umbrella offers.

It also comes with foldable bags or pouches for users to fill it with enough sand for it to have enough support at the base. This enables the umbrella to withstand high wind of any magnitude. It will surprise you to know the umbrella weighs 120 pounds. There are also fiberglass ribs to keep the body of the umbrella in shape.

Exceptional Qualities: easy setup, 50+UPF protection, fiberglass ribs, large 7.5-foot design.

Tommy Bahamas Beach Umbrella:

This is an ideal umbrella for one to have for a beach party or fun. The entire family can be shaded away from the sun, due to the large design of the umbrella. This beach umbrella has been built in a way it can be fixed in any position the user wants it to be. The telescopic feature allows the user to control the direction of the sun by pressing a button to ignite its function.

If you are thinking of UPF sun protection, this umbrella has an impressive rating of 50UPF. It is portable and can be carried about everywhere, due to its size of 4.6 pounds. If you happen to be a solo traveler, you can take it to different events such as sport, barbeques, parks, etc.

Exceptional Qualities: telescoping for adjusting it, unfolds in seconds, 6 designs to choose from, 7-foot coverage.

Sport-brella Beach Umbrella:

This beach umbrella is 8ft in height to offer maximum protection from sun rays. You will be self-assured to protect yourself from sun rays. It is an oversized umbrella that reaches the ground too, and this gives coverage for all kinds of weather. There is a high level of reinforcement from the thick steel ribs.

There are also side panels on this sport-brella beach umbrella. The wind flap features provide air while you are under the shade. Therefore, while you are protecting yourself from the sun, you tend to get fresh oxygenated air.

Exceptional qualities: weatherproof design, zippered side venting, 210D polyester material, and Large8-foot canopy.

Ammsun Outdoor Beach Umbrella:

This beach umbrella is made from an oxford fabric of 210D for maximum protection from sun rays. In spite of the lightweight, it can still withstand heavy wind due to the reinforced steel ribs. These steel ribs keep the umbrella in full shape. On top of the umbrella is a vent for natural ventilation for the user to be comfortable.

It comes with an aluminum coating to counter sun rays, and also prevents you from being burnt by the sun. Another is the wide diameter of the umbrella which can allow four people to stay inside the beach umbrella, and it also comes with a strong bag.

Exceptional Qualities: lightweight design, option to tilt umbrella, 6.5-foot canopy, 210D Oxford fabric.

Frankford Beach Umbrella:

This umbrella can give you maximum coverage during the summer season. Frankford umbrella protects you and your family from the sun. It is built with light material which makes it long-lasting. The rib pockets prevent the umbrella from tearing even when you want to sit on top of the umbrella.

Exceptional Qualities: reinforced fabric, heavy-duty, 27 design choices, mold, and mild dew resistant.

Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella:

This umbrella has a lightweight and it is portable for the user to travel along with it. It is 8foot tall to cover more than four persons with an adjustable tilt to move the umbrella to the direction of the sun. At the base of the umbrella is a sturdy sand anchor to protect the bag from the wind. For setting up the umbrella, you just need to press the push button.

Exceptional qualities: heavy-duty, adjustable tilt, 8 foot, 50+ UV protections.

Wondershade Ultimate Beach Umbrella:

This is an awesome beach umbrella with different features attached to it in order to make your time pleasurable. It can be tilted to any height either for adults or children. These beach umbrellas have lots of accessories, and it can be handy for its users during summer.

Exceptional Qualities: drink holder, easy setup, 2 utility hooks, tilt for added protection.


Best beach umbrella should be in your possession to protect you from ultraviolet rays emerging from the sun during the summer period. It is a necessity because of its intrinsic value it offers to your excitement. This is the right time to get one for yourself and for your family.

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