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If you are going out to the beach as a lady to hang out with your fellow female friends, it is required of you to be in the right outfit. Wearing a beach hat won’t be bad to protect your face from sunburn or sunstroke. It is no doubt the sun on the beach is hot, and as such wearing a hat would be worth it. The hat you want to take to the beach should be large enough to provide adequate coverage for your face. In the Caribbean countries, the ladies are fond of wearing hats and sunshades to protect their eyes from the sun.

Normally, the summer season is a time packed with fun, and the sun is fully out. The best way to enjoy this period while on the beach is to be fully ready to withstand the hot weather. Wearing the right beach hat is the ideal thing for anyone to do, especially in the summer period. This beach hat will be able to offer some kind of comfort on the beach. Excessive light rays on our skin or face have their own hazards to us. The best thing is to get the right one to suit your face and offer the kind of coverage you want.

7 Beach Hats for Women

The following are the best beach hats for women to use on the beach:

1. Sloggers Wide Brim Beach Hat:

This is a stylish hat for women to wear and can be worn on various types of occasions such as beach soccer, beach volleyball, event, and other types of activities. This hat is not restricted to any kind of event at all. It can also be used for a boat ride with friends, family, lovers, and other people. It has a wide brim to differentiate it from other beach hats. The major factor for aging is the sun rays, this is why beach hat is important to prevent ultraviolet rays from our skin. This particular brand of beach hat has been seen amongst women.

It comes in various colors for the user to choose from and buy for any purposes. There is an elastic band inside this sloggers wide brim beach hat in order to fit the wearer. For instance, users who wear small and medium beach hats will have a good fitting wearing this beach hat. The circumference of the hat is 22 ½ inches. It will be amazing to know this beach hat has a 50SPF filter. If you are someone who is over conscious with your skin, then this hat is for you.

Exceptional Qualities: elastic headband, SPF 50+, very stylish.

2. Outdoor Research Beach Hat:

Beach hat

This beach hat has lightweight on the wearer. In spite of the lightweight, it still provides maximum protection to any woman who is more concerned about her facial skin. It can withstand any wind, humidity, and sun. This hat can be worn for a very long time and you will still feel comfortable in it. This is the uniqueness that comes with the beach hat. Outdoor research beach heart has one form of flexibility, which allows it to resist intense wind without falling from the user’s head.

The foam piping feature of this hat gives it enough buoyancy if it falls inside the water. It has a transAction headband to provide fitting on the head with other essential adjustments. While wearing this beach hat on your head, it protects you from sweating profusely, because of its anti-dripping system. This anti-dripping system allows for aeration. Therefore, those who are scared of ultraviolet rays need this beach hat.

Exceptional Qualities: foam piping on the brim, over 50 SPF protection, vents, and mesh lining.3.

3. Como Coll Beach Hat:

This is the most renowned beach hat most buyers who are fond of going to the beach like wearing. It can serve different functions for people who are into different activities such as traveling, backpacking, hiking, and other things. It provides different options in terms of colors for buyers to have a wide range of choices to make.

It has a drawstring that can be adjusted to fit the wearer. You can be certain that no matter the kind of wind, the hat will still be on your head firmly, and it has a diameter of 7.5 inches. For women who are big fans of wearing mediums will like to buy this hat. This brim size of this hat is 3 inches to offer maximum protection for the user’s face.

Exceptional Qualities: adjustable drawstring, sporty look, high UV protection.

4. Henschel 5310 Beach Hat:

This comes with an Aussie-style pick, and it is one of the best beach hats for women. The material used in building this hat has provided it with more durability to withstand harsh weather conditions. The material can offer good ultraviolet ray protection for the user. Wearing the hat on the beach makes you appear stylish on the beach, and makes you different from other people.

This hat doesn’t get spoil easily, because of the way it has been constructed. It can be packed easily and also unpacked easily without any stress. It is one of the beach hats to take to camping, hiking, and outdoor adventure. Henschel beach has a high SPF (50+) and this gives protection for rain and wind.

Exceptional Qualities: easily packed, high protection, firm durability, very comfortable.

5. Siggi’s Women’s Beach Hat:

This is one of the best selling hats on most e-commerce sites. It has the ability to maintain its exact shape no matter the way it is being folded. This is ideal for anyone who is in search of a portable beach hat that can offer comfort and protection. It’s being built with wide brims and a high UV protection of 50+.

Siggi’s can offer women the option to wear a ponytail hairstyle, because of the way it has been designed. There is also a chin strap for it to be well tight on the face. The brim has been lightly punctured with several patterns on it. At the back of the hat is a bowknot for the user to adjust the beach hat.

Exceptional Qualities: highly adjustable, ability to maintain shape, firm grip on the head and face.

6. Funky Junque Beach Hat:

This is one of the most popular floppy beaches available for users in the market. It has a classic design that will appeal to users and other admirers. It has an embroidery design at the back of the beach hat with different inscriptions. This is one of the hats; you will need to have around with you during the summer period.

The adjustment of this hat can be done by using a drawstring, and the measurement of the inside of the hat is 23 inches. The hat can be fold, packed, and unpacked without affecting its shape.

Exceptional Qualities: Good UV protection, cute designs, drawstring.

7. Furtalk Foldable Beach Hat:

If you have a thing for vintage colors, this will be ideal for you. This is the best hat with classic design for any user. It has an inner string for you to adjust the size, and also sweatband and lining to control sweating.

Exceptional Qualities: anti-sweat, very adjustable, can be folded.


Beach hat for women comes in various designs and features for users to choose from. If you are more concerned about your face as a lady, any of these beach hats will do that for you. The best thing is to pick anyone based on your budget.

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