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Who else loves going to the beach? We all do, right?! My childhood was filled with long walks on the sand, splashing waves, and building sand castles.

That was a long time ago but regardless of my age, I still find myself loving and walking the beach almost every weekend with friends and family. Life around the beach is second nature to me and I love knowing how to get the most (fun) out of it.

Getting the perfect accessories and gear for your beach vacation is the beginning of the fun. Some of these accessories are things you just can’t do without on the beach. Example?, I love the Tovolo wine holder a good friend bought me from amazon a few weeks ago. The table is portable, it can be rearranged, and holds two wine glasses well. Don’t worry we will talk more about tables soon along with other awesome beach gadgets.

Before we go in depth let me make a simple list of the items we will be talking about.

  • Portable beach tables
  • sand free beach mat
  • waterproof bags and phone case
  • sunshades
  • sand toys for kids
  • cool beach chairs
  • beach games
  • inflatable lounger
  • portable wine flask
  • beach safe

Starting off with what I consider my favorite, not just because it was a gift but also because it’s really functional and has a lot of good reviews on, The Tovolo Outdoor Wine Holder Bamboo Table. This table is made of natural bamboo and is not just for holding glasses but also holds board games, sodas and afternoon snacks. It has a single leg which is easily secured into the ground or sand. The stand is easily removed by unscrewing, this will automatically make it a tray and can be easily moved.

Rio foldable peach table BEACH GEARS

Another table that I love to take to the beach is this Rio foldable peach table. Yes, that’s the reason I love taking it along, it is foldable and that makes it very easy to move around and super easy to assemble. I prefer this table to the Tovolo wine holder because it has a higher surface area and suitable for a group hangout, books, and sunglasses.


Enough on tables, sometimes a table just isn’t feasible, so we just skip the table and use beach cup holders and stick them in the sand. We love them because it keeps our cups totally sand-free. That brings us to the next item on the list.


Sand free beach mat: How annoying can it be seeing your beach towel or blanket filled with sand in just a few minutes of getting to the beach? Well I know how that feels and I have taken my time to review the best sand free beach mats in the market, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s start with the Satellite Beach mat which is one of the best out there. Considering the unique technology that just filters the sand through and not let any sand accessible on the surface. It is can be easily packed into a small purse with handle making it very easy to carry around.


The next on the list is for dusting off sand from your body or your kiddos. With the way sand sticks to the skin this can be really annoying when done by hand. A Sand off mitt is what you should use. It makes it super easy to dust off the sand, almost too easy and this is the reason I had to add it to the list of my best beach gadgets.

Have we talked about keeping our mobile phone safe from water? Scratches on our screens from sand? Well, we better not omit this from our list of beach gadgets because salt water is far dangerous to our smartphone than we can imagine. This waterproof phone case will do the work of protecting our mobile phones while we take pictures and make memories on the beach. They come with a built-in hook for options when considering where to place them.

Or, you might want to go with the beach tote which is a unique design and built-in waterproof phone case. Space is not an issue at all, it can be used to pack up a whole lot of beach gear and also for a cooler when you need to store some fresh food or snacks.

Getting to the fun part, are the beach umbrellas and shelters. What makes it the “fun part” you ask? I don’t know lol, I just love a good looking beach umbrella and shelters. I will share some of my favorites with you.

First is the pop up cabana one of the best-looking shelter with different colors to pick from. You can also look at the pop up sun shades for toddlers really perfect and spacious, you can fill it with water and create a mini pool for the kids to play.

Another awesome design of shelter is this Beach chair with canopy. It is perfect for when I want to keep my face shaded but still want to get a little sun. Plus it comes with a handy cellphone pouch and drink holder.

Here’s another way to avoid all that sun on your face. The Haiyanle Popup Sunshade lets you relax on the sand and work on tanning your body while keeping your face protected.

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