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Beach cruiser bikes have been in existence since in the late 90s, and they are still gaining more grounds. These bikes are more affordable than the normal bikes available in the market. You can still get one for yourself, maybe as a birthday gift. This might be the perfect thing you would have been craving for, but who can tell. In this article, we have been able to compile various beach cruiser bikes to fit your budget. When you want to buy a beach cruiser bike, there are key things you must have to consider.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Beach Cruiser Bike

The following are things you must note if you want to buy a beach cruiser bike:

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Price
  1. Design:

This is one of the important factors that must be in your head because the cruiser bike will be like apparel to you. Therefore, you must be conscious of the colors you want to buy. These bikes are known for their color tires. You need to pick one that suits your color preferences.

  1. Quality:

One of the ways to do this is by going through the various reviews of previous buyers of any cruiser bike. For instance, if you see a particular cruiser bike having more reviews, it implies there are some unique features of the bike.

  1. Comfort:

Here, bikers need some sorts of comfort when riding their cruiser bikes. It is the comfort you get from the bike that determines how you are going to ride it. A buyer should endeavor to check the seat of the bike, the handle, and other places.

  1. Price:

Going for a cruiser bike to serve you for a very long time will be advisable for any buyer to get. The bike should be within the range of your budget. You need to pick the one that has the basic things you want in a cruiser bike – speed, comfort, and resistance.

10 Beach Cruiser Bikes on Amazon

The following are the beach cruiser bikes on Amazon:

1. Sixthrewzero EVRYjourney Beach Cruiser:

This is one of the beach cruiser bikes to pick as a show stopper anytime. This bike has other customization options for the user to choose from with other functionalities. The bike can be a ride for pleasure during leisure times, and it offers maximum comfort during long distances. Furthermore, it has a saddle to adapt to the anatomy of women. The semi-slick tires of 1.95-inch width and 26-inch diameter features of this cruiser bike are to offer the user a smooth ride to any destination.

Exceptional Qualities: very affordable, a rear rack for baskets, extra comfort, and different colour options.

2. SixthreezeroAround Beach Cruiser:

This is another brand of beach cruiser bike from Sixthreezero. The bike offers more comfort compared with the one above. The wheels of this bike are well cushioned to provide more comfort. It has been designed in a way to suit short distance rides. Apart from this, you can also use the cruiser bike to travel to a long distance. There is a high level of customization such as adjusting the seat, the handle, and other parts. It comes in different colors with an extra space at the back of the bike for you to keep a basket.

Exceptional Qualities: front handbrake, classy looks, a rear rack for baskets, and extra comfort design.

3. Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser:

This bike can fit into any urban settings, and the price comes with added value for its users. The main priority for this bike is the amazing comfort it offers when the user is riding it. The cruiser has been fully equipped with other things such as wide handlebars, wide balloon tires, dual springs, etc. The bike is between 5 and 6 feet in terms of height. This bike offers you things like comfort and has eye-catching colors with different options for both saturated and pastel colors.

Exceptional Qualities: coaster brake system, matching fenders, easy to use, and an optional rear rack for baskets.

4. Margaritaville Coast Beach Cruiser:

This is one of the most popular beach cruiser bikes for Women. Its credibility has earned the bike some reputation in the cruiser bike industry. The manufacturer of this bike is Margaritaville Island Paradise; it has the summer beachy vibes anytime you want it. This bike model is comfortable for any woman to ride based on its comfort. The seat of this cruiser bike is soft padded, and the handlebars can be raised upward in an upright position.

Exceptional Qualities: comfortable saddles & grips, easy to use breaks, cup holder for a drink, and posh looks.

5. Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser:

The features on the bike are the things you have ever wished to see in a normal commute bike. It has been built to offer a high level of comfort with various options for speed to accelerate to any speed. It allows for easy riding because the extra-wide seat has been mounted on a dual spring system. The cruiser bike has a frame of 17 inches built from durable steel. Firmstrong comes with various gears for extra stability during riding.

Exceptional Qualities: easy to use breaks, different colour options, and comfortable seats.

6. 26″ Huffy Nel Beach Cruiser:

One thing should know this bike doesn’t offer you the option for other colors because the different colors have been combined together. The color is not the only thing to interest you about this bike; the comfy spring saddle has also been embroidered to give a superb look and the fenders too. There is a high level of functionalities in this beach cruiser bike. The dual grips give the hands some bit of relief one way or the other.

Exceptional Qualities: one-speed option, easy to equip, embroidered comfy saddle, exquisite colors, comfortable seating, and paddles.

7. Schwinn Destiny Beach Cruiser:

If you have a budget that falls under $200, this bike has some qualities too. This bike can give you a casual ride within the town. There is an option to fix a bell and a basket in order to make the bike more beautiful. One thing this bike is known for is the comfort it offers to riders. The wide padded saddle has a large spring system, lightweight wheels, and full fenders to protect splashes of water to the rider during the rainy season.

Exceptional Qualities: Ideal for casual rides, comfortable seating, and fenders.

8. Critical Cycles Beach Cruiser:

Critical cycles have retro designs and other impressive color options. It comes in various combinations to pick from; these retro designs come in various models. It has been strongly built to match its affordable price tag. The base of this bike is being designed from reinforced steel with great tensile strength making it to last for several years. The rider of this bike has 3 different speed options to pick.

Exceptional Qualities: retro looks, different colors, strong bike foundation, and 3-speed options.

9. Schwinn Ladies Beach Cruiser:

It has been built to provide extra comfort to riders, and it is easy to ride mostly in a flat environment. There are four different pastel colors of this beach cruiser bike. If you are the type who likes taking a photo, you can Instagram yourself riding on the bike.

Exceptional Qualities: comfortable wide seat, 4 pastel colour options, easy to shift to 7-speed modes, and easy break system.

10. Kulana Beach Cruiser:

This cruiser bike is ideal for men who want a strong commute bike. The bike can be fixed together without stress. There are more advantages regarding this Kulana bike with flawless paint to last for a longer period of time.

Exceptional Qualities: flawless paint, easy to assemble, easy to ride, sturdy frame, and foundation.


Beach cruiser bikes are those kinds of bikes well built to give you maximum comfort cruising it on the beach sand. They come in various functionality, colors, and other features. The higher the features the higher the price of buying these bikes, since you have gone through this article, it is left for you to buy depending on the size of your pocket.

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