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It is quite funny at times when people carry a normal or ordinary blanket to the beach. Maybe, because they are being naive there is a sand proof beach blanket to serve the purpose they want. There are sand proof blankets available in the markets with several budgets. Sand proof beach blanket provides durability and comfort; this is what everyone who is using this blanket wants. It will be annoying to be on the beach having fun, and then you decide to lie down on your blanket. Unfortunately, after some minutes, your entire blanket is being filled with sand and water.

This kind of situation can be stopped by buying a proper sand proof beach blanket. Your face can radiate with a smile if the blanket happens to be water and sand resistant. This is a perfect combination for anyone who wants absolute convenience. You need to remember buying a blanket with this kind of features depends on your budget. The blanket must be suited to fit the sand and water on the beach. A good beach blanket can add spice to that trip of yours. Buying a sand proof blanket requires you to have an eye for details.

Criteria for Buying Sand Proof Beach Blanket

In this article, you are going to see the essential things you as a novice must consider before buying any sand proof beach blanket for your outdoor fun. The major thing is for you to get a long-lasting beach blanket and here they are:

  • Price
  • Material
  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Design
  • Maintenance
  1. Price:

After knowing all the features of the blanket you want to buy, it is wise to streamline the entire beach blanket to suit your budget. It will be foolish to break your bank account because you want to buy a beach blanket.

  1. Material:

The kind of material used in producing this beach blanket is also important for you to know. The major material common in the production of this kind of blanket is the parachute nylon. The material provides durability to the beach blanket to withstand sand and water.

  1. Size:

Oh! Yes, this is also important for anyone who wants to buy a blanket. The beach blanket must be big enough to accommodate you and some persons. There are times you will feel like going to the beach with your family. Therefore, the size of the beach blanket should be 12ft by 12ft.

  1. Thickness:

The thickness of the blanket is also a determining factor – because the denser the blanket is, the more comfort is going to provide. The thickness has its disadvantage in terms of weight because it is going to become heavier for you to carry.

  1. Design:

This refers to the colour and shape of the beach blanket. Different people have their choices on what seems beautiful to their eyes. For some persons, it is warm colours, while for some it is cool colours. Whatever it may be, you don’t have to choose black or any darker colour, because it is going to radiate heat. The square-shaped beach blanket is better to take because it can accommodate more people.

  1. Maintenance:

There’s no how the beach blanket won’t get dirty. In this case, there is a need for you to wash it and make it look neat. It is better to buy a beach blanket with only one layer so it won’t be difficult for you to maintain it.

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The following are the sand-proof beach blanket for you to buy:

Wildhorn Outfitters Beach Blanket:

This is one of the beach blankets large in size and of good quality. The style is unique and smart for any user who is looking for a beach blanket to buy. It is made from a material known as parachute nylon to provide durability for its users. In the aspect of maintenance, it doesn’t require enough time for it to get dry, because it has been integrated with a quick-dry system. The blanket can be used for different purposes such as soccer, camping, family picnics, etc. The size of the blanket is 7ft by 9ft.

Exceptional Qualities: quick-dry system, compatible, easy to use, quality material (parachute nylon).

Fylina Oversized Beach Blanket:

This beach blanket has the ability to fit into a 7″ bag comfortably. This is being built from well-defined parachute material to enable the user to have maximum comfort. It will shock you to know it doesn’t only resist sand and water, but also heat, grass. The material (ripstop nylon) allows sand to fall from the beach blanket at once. If it gets drenched by water, it is possible for it to dry up on time. The size of the blanket is 7″ by 9″.

Exceptional Qualities: premium parachute material includes carrying tote, easily packed, maximum satisfaction.

Ricdecor Indian Beach Blanket:

This beach blanket has dual functions – beach blanket and a towel. This makes easy to be packed into the beach kit. It is being built with cotton for the user to feel comfortable lying on it. The Ricdecor beach blanket has a fast absorbent to dry it off when it gets wet. It can occupy two people sitting on it with no issues. The blanket can be used as Yoga or relaxation on the beach.

Exceptional qualities: easily maintained, laser power, super absorbent, quick-drying system.

Live Infinitely Beach Blanket:

This is a sand repellent beach blanket that allows you to enjoy every bit of fun without trying to be conscious of the sand. It is built from ripstop material and has strong resistance against sand and water. You don’t have to be bothered about washing it, because washing machines can wash it too. It can be stored in a small pouch for easy transportation.

Exceptional qualities: easy to store, extra-large space, anchoring loops, and pockets.

Songmics Outdoor Beach Blanket:

Apart from this attractive colour of this beach blanket, it is a waterproofed blanket. There are various options for you to use it such as picnics, camping, beaches, etc. There is high-quality polyester in this blanket to offer comfort. In spite of all the features, it is still foldable for the user, and can be cleaned easily.

Exceptional Qualities: waterproof, high-quality polyester, highly foldable, perfect for two persons.

CGear Sand-free Beach Blanket:

Beach Blanket

If you want a durable blanket, you can get this beach blanket for your use. It was actually manufactured for a helicopter to land on it. It is being designed from 100% polyurethane material. The blanket can still maintain its colour no matter the intensity of the sun, and the blanket can contain 14 people sitting on it.

Exceptional Qualities: extremely durable, military-grade material, easy to clean, three colour choices.

Kahuna Beach Blanket:

Beach Blanket

This is one the best beach blanket for anyone to buy. It is large in size and it is comfortable for users to use. It is large enough for people to sit on it, and its size is 8ft by 8ft. It comes with extra pockets for you to store some of your items.

Exceptional Qualities: zippered pockets, lightweight, three range if colours.


The sand-proof beach blanket is the best type of blanket for you to buy to enjoy your fun. It has good durability to resist water and sand both at the same time. Therefore, if you didn’t have any idea on how to buy a beach blanket, this article should guide you.

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